How does your Small business cut through the Political Noise?

Political ads have taken over billboards, television, Facebook, YouTube, and Pandora! Here are 5 quick and easy ways you can cut through the political advertising by staying relevant and trending on social media.

1.    If you can’t beat them join them! Take a stand on a political candidate!

If you are supporting a presidential candidate know that there are millions of people who also support that candidate. Do not be afraid to support a candidate or political stance. When brands become more humanized they can connect with customers on a personal level. It is all about stories and connecting with people. If you support Donald Trump let your support!

Just think about all of the engagement you will get from people taking their political positions for and against you. Bad publicity is still publicity.

2.       There are other things Trending!

If you go to it will show you the most google and trending content on the internet. Creating content using these trending subjects will help you join other conversations other than controversial, irrelevant content like Donald Trump’s comments or Hilary’s Emails.

 For Example New holidays, sports, worldwide events.

3.       Misdirect!

Politicians are famous for misdirecting direct questions; do the same! When a major topic is trending from a recent political event; chime in one the subject or topic and the position you believe in.

For example, there were many topics that were included in the political race. You can take a position on a topic without taking a position on a candidate, even though people could probably guess your position.  These topics can range from social, economic, or celebrity.

4.       Focus on the Positive!

An election can be a stressful time for the people and the candidates. Staying positive is the most important. In the end, we are all Americans and all trying to pursue happiness.

Deflecting off of the subject of politics and on to the topic of unification can be a great tool to show your audience that all you really care about is their happiness and not their politics.

The key is to humanize and not choose sides. We are all Americans so encourage people to participate in the political process and not take sides.

5.       Stay true to your brand!

All you can do is stay true to you and your brand!

There will be many elections if you believe your business to last long, but what type of impact will you have on your brand good or bad?

 Each brand has to choose the way in which they broadcast their political viewpoints if it at all. Yet during the political season, everyone is inadvertently portraying their political viewpoints. How will you cut through the political noise? Will you become a part of that noise or be drowned out by that noise? Your Choice.  

So what is your brand and how will promote your viewpoint?