5 Ways to Boost the Impact of Your Social Media Presence/The Financial Brand.com

Nearly every retail bank and credit union is active on at least one social media channel, but most are still trying to figure out how to maximize its impact. Here are five ways to improve results and get more out of your social media content.

1. Lead Generation

A strong content marketing strategy can also help you generate leads. If you invest the time and energy to create quality content — with real substance (e.g., ebooks, tutorials, webinars, etc. — you can ask people for their contact details in exchange for the information they want to access. This is called “gated content,” and it is one of the most effective tools marketers can use to generate leads.

2. Brand Awareness

Social media is an ideal way to introduce the public to your institution. Nielsen reports that 43% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends on social media. Make your posts shareable and engaging to help your fans do word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Demonstrate Your Brand's True Character

Your brand voice is also on display when responding to positive or negative online comments. Responding to member concerns quickly to acknowledge or aid in resolving an issue shows that you care. Thank your customers for their positive comments

4. Turn Goodwill into Dollars

Find out which topics cause your fans to respond. It could be the local animal shelter, children’s charities, college sports or something else that is unique to your community. Once you’ve narrowed down the list, consider a fundraiser, partnership or other events to make the most of your followers’ passion for that cause. Your fans almost certainly know others who support the same cause – which means you’ll be introducing new customers to your brand as your goodwill posts are seen by like-minded people.

5. Conduct Surveys/Engage With Audience

Social media allows you to conduct market research much more efficiently and affordably than in-person focus groups. It’s easy to post a link to a survey on social media or create a Twitter poll. You can assess people’s interest in new products, future locations, service delivery options, and much more. 

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