What did we learn from Social Media in 2016!?

What did we learn from Social Media in 2016!?

Video is King in 2017

A picture is worth 1000 Words but a Video is 1000 pictures. In 2016 business realized that they could generate a buzz by releasing short videos on social media platforms instead of buy up expensive tv ad space and they actually converted better and was able to track that conversion.
According to Five9 chief marketing officer Kevin Gavin, video customer service will go mainstream:
As the modern customer increasingly feels empowered to communicate with brands via various channels like phone calls, texts, social media and more, the rise in video communication will become more mainstream. Just as social media brought on a new way to communicate with consumers, video will be a powerful tool to ease pain points in an easy and efficient manner. In 2017, more businesses will move to adopt video as the new normal in customer service or risk getting left behind.

Live Videos

Whilst the ability to watch videos online has been around since the YouTube creation in 2004, live streaming is going to be one of the biggest social media marketing trends for 2017.
With Meerkat, Periscope and Snapchat breaking records this year for live streaming, and real-time video clips, this will continue thanks to Facebook’s new live streaming functionality.

Facebook Still Dominates

Despite Snapchat’s growth, Facebook remained the most considerable force on social in 2016, liberally borrowing ideas from platforms as varied as Snap to the enterprise chat service Slack in order to keep users within its walled garden of products.  
Facebook’s growing reach and increasingly insular ecosystem not only made it a force to be reckoned with but also a focus of concern. Part of this stems from Facebook's apparent support of fake news and hoax sites that possibly had an outsized impact on some voters during the recent presidential election.

Instagram v SnapChat

A few years after Facebook tried to snap up Snapchat for $3 billion, Facebook has stepped up its efforts to smack it down. The social network has tried more than a dozen times to copy some of Snapchat’s features to dilute the app’s appeal, but to no avail. So this year it enlisted Instagram in the fight. In August Instagram copied one of Snapchat’s most popular features, Stories, and then rolled out its own version of Snapchat’s Live Stories. Since then the two apps volleyed back and forth, improving their respective versions to one-up each other.

Social Media is Effective and Translates

The President elect Donald Trump used social media to leverage his message against his opponent and help spread his message in the early stages of his election. His content was share and interacted with way more than his opponent Hillary Clinton. He is able to drive the main stream media with just a tweet. This is the current social environment we live in and business will have to adapt or risk being left behind. 2016 has been a year where we finally figured out that effective marketing on social media will have a better impact then on traditional channels.