Your Customers Are Distributed
Across the Web, Digital, and Mobile

What platforms are your stakeholders on?

Does your business or organization have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SnapChat?

These are all platforms that large organizations are pumping millions of dollars into so they can connect with their customers and spread their brand. If you are not present and influential on these platforms, there is great potential to generate additional profit and recources for your organization. 


EDM works for small BUSINESSES and non profits

If you are running a small organization, you usually need to focus on running the operations of your organization and creating content to increase your brand awareness falls to the bottom of your to-do list. Large corporations have the resources and man power to dominate the digital world, even though small businesses and non profits are the driving forces in economic progress. EDM will give those small organizations the ability to compete with those large corporations in the digital world.


Low Cost & Low RESOURCES

Creating a billboard or a commercial is now less effective than having a digital presence and it is also less expensive. EDM bases its pricing on the size and income of your organization, so that we can show you the benefits of our services and help you accomplish your goals and dreams without being a burden. Request a consultation to find out the low cost and huge benefit of an effective digital marketing plan!

Still not convinced? 

Let's look at some of our recent work and discover how we have helped other organizations evolve.