We tell Your stories

Stories are the driving force in providing your stakeholders with valuable content that they can connect with. We can get your stakeholders to tell your story for you and reach out to others! 

Brand awareness is what is going to increase the success of your organization and social media is the new word-of-mouth advertising. 

EDM will get your stakeholders to tell your story for you!

we make videos

EDM makes, finds, and edits videos because video content can enhance your sales presentations, produce powerful customer testimonials, engage audiences, implement viral marketing campaigns, create product/service demonstrations, and raise branding.

Video content can be the most important when it comes to telling your story!

we connect with stakeholders

When you make your stakeholders the focus of your marketing strategy they spread your brand for you. Staying in touch with your consumers and employees is essential to know what needs to be improved or changed.

We can create snapchat filters to engage your audience.

We can create snapchat filters to engage your audience.

Connecting with stakeholders gives you an unlimited amount of valuable content that can be accessed digitally along with great insight about your organization. 

we build and maintain Social media profiles

In a short period, EDM reached over 100,000 people on Social Media platforms and maintained 3 Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for Baker University School of Professional & Graduate Studies which offers online and on-campus coursework for degrees in business and liberal arts with over 500 employees. 

Facebook data for Baker University School of Professionals & Graduate Studies.

EDM increased Facebook reach of the post by 206% and increased engagements on a Facebook post over 250%.

December 2015- May 2016

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Baker University School of Professionals & Graduate Studies Twitter Analytics: which includes the amount of impressions in a 90 day period before EDM's involvement. 18K Impressions. 

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After EDM became involved on Twitter we increased the impressions by 737% (average impressions per day went from 15 to 202) and increased engagement by 7900%.  

During this time, 100 items of content were published including student testimonials, faculty testimonials, class celebrations, and other events related to Baker University School of Professionals & Graduate Studies. 

we build your audience

Together we can find, schedule, and promote your organization's events that will increase your audience and brand recognition.

Together we can find and schedule your organization for relevant events that will increase your audience and increase your brand recognition. Connecting and collaborating is a cheap and beneficial way to build your audience. 

We MONITOR and IMPROVE your online Reputation




















We help build your organization

The digital world changes every second and we have to be first to any comments made about your organization. This is important because if the comment is negative we have to act fast to fix the problem and if it is positive we have to act fast to promote that comment. 

We will be listening to the digital network to see if someone is mentioning your organization or something important in your industry. 


We do not solely work on the digital network but also in the physical world. An effective digital marketing plan includes physical cohesiveness with the social media world.

 EDM will give you the tools to help you make your physical location more social media friendly. 

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