Evolving Digital Media is a marketing agency that provides online and offline marketing services for small businesses and non-profits. 

Our Mission 

Evolving Digital Media will give an effective voice and influence in the ever-changing digital world for small businesses and nonprofits that don’t have voice or influence so that we can help accomplish their goals and dreams.

What We offer

We create

  • Create and maintain an effective presence on digital platforms.
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Create an effective marketing plan.
    • Help your organization increase their brand awareness.
    • Help your organization become more profitable.
    • Help your organization increase it's market share.
  • Create and maintain your organization's website.
  • Create effective visual content.
    • People connect better with visual content on social media. EDM will record and edit videos and pictures so that your brand is easily digestible to your consumers.
  • Create influential content.
    • A picture with a short tag line is not enough anymore. Collaborating with stakeholders and other organizations is what will make your content influential. Let them spread your brand. 

WE connect

  • Connect your digital world with your physical world. Social media management is not enough to create a strong digital presence, so we will be next to you show you how to spread your brand online in your everyday life. 
  • Connect with employees to build morale and productivity. Social media is a tool you can use to communicate events, celebrations, occasions, etc.

WE monitor

  • We monitor your online brand visibility and see who’s talking about you, and what they’re saying – to help manage  your online reputation.

WE are low cost

  • Being a small business we know that disposable income can be scarce. We do not want to be a burden on your business we want to build your business.

we are CONVENient 

  • EDM takes the difficulty off your hands and makes it convenient and beneficial to market online. 
    • Easily adapt your organization to new trends in the digital world and social media. EDM will get you that first mover advantage over your competitors.
    • Creating marketing content on a regular basis requires work. Online marketing is the new traditional marketing and to compete with these large organizations you have to be pumping out content regularly. This could be really time consuming when you have to run your business but that's where we come in. 
  • Ready to get started?